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The 2 Hairstyles that Shocked Us on the Fall 2019 Women's Fashion Runway Show

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Shocking Hair Trends Wonder Locks Blog Post

As fashion enthusiasts, we have been watching the Fall 2019 runway shows closely in search of inspiration. We look for the best hair accessories that will appeal to the Wonder Locks gals. 

In the process we noticed two hair accessory trends that will leave you shell-shocked. Let us know what you think about them in the comment section below! We will be sure to respond in a giffy!

 1. Huge Hair Accessories


From fanfare bumblebees to extra-wide pearl hair wraps, you can't miss statement hair pieces like these. This trending Fall 2019 style is all about attracting attention to the wonderful craftsmanship and design element in these beautiful pieces. Check out a similar hair comb that will look great at your next party. 

2. Simple Bobby Pins


In stark contrast to the first hair trend that caught our eye, you can't get simpler than this one. All you need is a bobby pin. No, not in plural. JUST ONE. Just one bobby pin. Can you believe it? All you gotta do to achieve this sleek look is pin a side section of hair with a regular black bobby pin and you are hitting it this season! Looking for gripping bobby pins that will hold in place throughout your busy day? Look no further! We've got the perfect pick for you!

Whether you opt for big or minimalist this season, check out our full line of hair accessories to match every kind of day!

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