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5 Ways to Revamp Your Ponytail (or Braid) | Wonder Style Guide

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6 Ways to Revamp Your Ponytail or Braid | Wonder Style Guide

With the nice weather outside, you want to get out and spend time in the outdoors. Many girls find it challenging to maintain a stylish hairstyle without dripping from sweat or spiking up with frizz.

Thankfully, there are 6 ways you can upgrade your plain old ponytail, bun, or braid to optimal cuteness and chic. Use denim or fun-themed hair accessories for daily wear, and rhinestone, pearl, or metallic materials for special events. 

1. Metallic Wrap


Start by brushing through your hair to remove knots and achieve ultimate smoothness. You may want to straighten your hair with a straightening iron to achieve an even smoother look. Applying heat will also tame down frizz that is notorious for popping up in the heat.

Once your hair is prepped, pull your hair up into a high ponytail. Use a Metallic Wrap hair elastic to secure your hair in place and wrap with a chic metallic element. You can create this hairstyle with our metallic pony tail wrap hair tie.

Tada! You are partay-ready!

2. Segmented Ponytail with Hair Pins

Segmented Ponytail with Hair pins


Once your hair is ready for styling, section out the top part of your hair. Do this by parting your hair on both sides above the tip of your eyebrow until the point your head begins to curve downwards.

Backcomb this section with a teasing brush to create a puffed effect and secure it with a minimalist hair pin.

Join the middle section of the back of your head (continuing along the two side parts you made earlier). Backcomb the combined section and secure the puff with another hair pin.

Complete the hair style by bringing in the side sections of your hair with an elastic hair tie. Tease some of the hair in the ponytail to create volume.

You're all set! Enjoy the comfort and style of this fabulous hairstyle! 

3. Corn Braid Ponytail with Bandana

corn braid ponytail with silk bandana tied


Add volume to your hair with dry shampoo, and then section off the hair at the crown of your head.

Separate the section into three pieces and braid once in an outward direction. Place the middle piece over the left piece, and the new middle piece over the right piece.

Gather a horizontal section from the left side of your head starting from you hairline, and connect it to the left piece in the braid. Place the joint section underneath the middle piece. Repeat on the right side.

Continue braiding until you reach the nape of your neck.

Gather the braid into a ponytail with an elastic hair tie. While holding onto the hair tie, brush through the ponytail to remove any knots that may have been made during the braiding process.

Conceal the elastic hair tie by with a silk bandana scarf or silk bow scrunchee hair tie. Leave the silk bandana scarf hanging on the sides of your ponytail for a wispy look. 

You are ready for whatever may come your way!

4. Corn and Fishtail Braid Combo with Bandana


To achieve this look, repeat the steps for making a corn braid from the previous hairstyle. Gather the corn braid into a ponytail once you reach the nape of your neck. 

Continue braiding your, but this time in a fishtail style. Split the ponytail in half. Take a thin piece from the left side and connect it to the right side. Then take a thin piece from the right side and connect it to the let side. Keep repeating this process until the length of your shortest layers and secure with another elastic hair tie.

Wrap a silk bandana scarf or silk bow scrunchee hair tie in between the two braid styles. 

You look ready for a fabulous day!

5. Patterned Scarf Braid Twist


What could be cuter than a long voluminous braid swinging across your back? A Patterned Scarf Braid Twist - that's what! 

Loosely gather your hair at the nape of your neck into a low ponytail using an elastic hair tie. Twist a large patterned scarf into a long rope and wrap it around the ponytail holder. Secure the scarf in place with a tie knot. 

Separate your ponytail into three sections, attaching two of the sections to the two ends of the tied scarf rope. 

Begin braiding loosely while maintaining a grip over the scarf. After each braiding, pull out the previously braided section to increase volume. 

Secure the end of the braid with another elastic hair tie or with the scarf. Tie the ends of the scarf one more time around the end of the braid into a cute bow.

Farewell to old boring braids! Ahoy ahoy to adorable patterned scarf braid twists! 

We hope you've gained some inspiration on how to transform a standard ponytail or braid into a cute, chic, or elegant look. Mix and match hair accessories to create your unique "hair up" look. 







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